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Barn Door

ˈbärn ˌdô(ə)r/
noun: barn door; plural noun: barn doors

  • the large door of a barn.

    • a target too large to be missed.”on the shooting range he could not hit a barn door
    • a hinged metal flap fitted to a spotlight to control the direction and intensity of its beam.

    • Trending the design industry are eclectic barn doors and using them just about anywhere… anywhere you might need to cover that messy closet, pantry, utility room, laundry room.

    StunningBarn Doors
    Barn DoorDoblesEntry
    Barn DoorLiberty
    Barn Doors Laundry
    Barn Outside Shower2
    Barn Door 3 pane Bathroom
    Barn Door chalkboard playroom
    Barn Door Outside Shower
    barn door outside shower3
    barn door tv wallmount

    Let’s Get Creative – Barn Door Is Art!

    The great thing about interior barn doors is that they can adapt to a variety of styles. So if your bedroom is rustic, traditional, modern or contemporary. Take off that bifold door in the hallway, hide your washer and dryer, seal up that pocket door on your closet, make your media room even cooler, add a chalkboard look to the kitchen pantry, cover that open concept bathroom.

    The ideas are endless, the design is your creativity, or let us design it for you!!

    Options — raised-panel, four-panel, natural wood or paint, hardware – design features that can add architectural detail, color, and texture into interior spaces or even outdoors.

    Let’s talk hardware which also shows off the style you are going for. Whether you choose rustic with wrought iron, going industrial – streamlined with steel, the hardware options are seemingly endless.

    We’ll help you with the latest design trends and make your dreams come true!

    For more information on creating barn doors and for information about working with our team visit our blog or contact us at www.treasurecoastconsignment.com today!

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