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Ever wonder how those cute but old furniture pieces become so beautiful? Anyone can learn how to create shabby chic original pieces! All it takes are a few key ingredients and a little know-how. Some things are intuitive, and some tricks are practically trade secrets.

Home-Plate-Distressed-Antique-BuffetNow you can learn how to turn those old, drab furniture pieces into shabby chic delights! Treasure Coast Consignment and Home Decor has teamed up with American Paint Company to bring workshops to the Stuart, Florida area.

Every Thursday evening, right inside the Treasure Coast Consignment and Home Decor showroom, workshops are being held for both novice and intermediate furniture creationists. You’ll get every piece of the puzzle, including which products to use and how to use them, and the very best techniques that will turn even the most dreary piece of furniture into proud room centerpieces.

If you’re interested in learning the basics as well as insider tips and tricks, call Dana at  (772) 210-2341 to reserve your spot. We have a dedicated page right here on our website too. Classes are limited to 4 people. That way, we can avoid overcrowding and make the most of one-on-one tutoring. Every attendee will leave completely confident in knowing how to transform their own old furniture pieces.



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