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Transitional style is a marriage of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, materials and fabrics equating to a classic, Timeless design. Furniture lines are simple yet sophisticated, featuring either straight lines or rounded profiles.

Transitional living is bigger than ever right now, with slipcovered sofas and natural, neutral finishes, and materials that rate a soft elegant, yet sophisticated simple style. Trending is minimal use of color on main pieces of furniture and sometimes punctuated with a POP of color on one piece in the room. Colors are found more with the decorating accents as in pillows, lamps, art, an interesting rug. My personal favorite is to add color with either two end chairs at the dining table, two matching chairs in the living room, or an ottoman; I love fabric and it could be a slipcover which can be a less expensive change than buying an entirely new piece.

Definition of Timeless

  • archaic :  premature, untimely
  • 2a :  having no beginning or end :  eternal
  • 2b :  not restricted to a particular time or date the timeless themes of love, solitude, joy, and nature — Writer
  • 3:  not affected by time :  ageless

Trouble with ‘Trendy’

Trendy design comes and goes. That’s what trendy means – up to date with the latest ideas, which are soon outdated. Trendy, to me, means fleeting, experimental and artsy. As I stated…artsy, not artistic.

Trendy design is out of style before you know it. It may consist of complicated lines and details as well as exotic materials. It gets expensive, and when trends change, the design will change, costing even more.

Timeless design is durable

Timeless design, on the other hand, is durable. It lasts through decades or hundreds of years, being brought up to date with changes in accessories or accents.

In a timeless house, you could change the paint or wallpaper, window coverings and upholstery to modernize a basic design.

What makes design timeless?

1. Classical proportions

Visually pleasing and physically comfortable proportionate floor plans and wall design.

2. Simplicity

Simple lines and open floor plans are pleasing and create a functional space. Less-is-more becomes elegant.

3. Durability

Good material choices last for decades or centuries.

4.  Adaptability

Timeless design can be updated without sacrificing the original intent. Homes can be renovated with a universal design and additions easily created with the same proportions.

5. Less expense

Trendy designs must be updated and changed as trends fade. Timeless design has a base that is updated with accents which is less expensive in designing.

Mid Century Modern Design is an excellent example of timeless design, with its clean lines and good proportions. This is still popular and copied widely.

Mission Furniture is another example of simple lines and materials.

It is seen in modern homes, because it fits in with many interior design styles.

Craftsman Style is another timeless design that is still popular today.

These things may have been ‘trendy’ at the time, but they have lasted through several design eras to become timeless.

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